Article 10

Lodge Administration

Sec. 10.1. The recommended order of business of the stated meetings of King Lodge shall be as follows but may be modified as the Worshipful Master sees fit:

1. Opening

2. Introduction and welcoming of visitors

a. Recognition of Past Masters

3. Reading and approval of minutes

4. Reading of communications and bills

5. Monthly financial report (1st stated each month)

6. Membership development and retention

a. Reading of petitions and demits

b. Appointments of investigating committees

c. Reports of investigating committees

d. Balloting

7. Report of sick or distressed Brothers and prayer requests

a. Applications of relief

8. Unfinished business

a. Reports on Lodge activities - activity calendar

b. Reports by standing committees

c. Any other unfinished business before the Lodge

9. New business

a. The W.M. should be made aware of all new business before the meeting

10. Good of the Lodge

11. Conferral of degrees, if none, Masonic education

12. Closing

Sec. 10.2. The Worshipful Master shall be the judge of all questions of order that may arise, and there shall be no appeal to the Lodge from his decision.

Sec. 10.3. When a motion is made and seconded, the Worshipful Master shall, before any debate, state it. Motions shall be made in writing when requested by any Brother. The Brother making a motion may withdraw it unless amended.

Sec. 10.4. The Worshipful Master shall put all questions distinctly; if a division is called for, he shall request those who vote in the affirmative to rise and count them; then those who vote in the negative shall rise and be counted, and he shall declare the result. In case of a tie, the motion is lost.

Sec. 10.5. While a question is under debate, no motion shall be received which does not pertain to the question under consideration.

Sec. 10.6. Every member having a right to vote, present when a question is put, shall vote unless a unanimous Lodge vote excuses him for special reasons given.

Sec. 10.7. A member of the majority may move for reconsideration of a motion acted upon provided he moves to reconsider during the same meeting.

Sec. 10.8. The first person named to a committee shall be the chairman. Every member on a committee shall attend the chairman's call. The chairman shall call the committee together, but if he is absent or neglects or declines to call a committee meeting, the committee shall meet on the call of the next person named.

Sec. 10.9. Investigating committees shall report in open Lodge on petitioners, but no record shall be made of the nature of the report.