Article 12


Sec. 12.1. (Reg. 12.030). Any member may present a written motion to amend these bylaws. Said motion shall contain the existing bylaw; the proposed changes, additions, or corrections with rationale; the bylaw as it will read if approved; and signatures of support from three (3) members in good standing.

If seconded, the Lodge may debate the motion, but the Worshipful Master will table the motion to layover no less than twenty-eight (28) days. The Secretary shall notify all members in writing, either by postal courier or through email, informing them of the proposed amendment to the bylaws and the date of the vote.

Sec. 12.2. In calendar years that are a multiple of three, the Worshipful Master shall appoint a committee to review the bylaws of King Lodge at the first stated meeting in January and, if needed, draft an updated set and report at the first meeting in March. The committee chairman shall make a motion to accept the new bylaws, which will be held over, pending the required notifications, until the first stated meeting in April.

Sec. 12.3. Every member of King Lodge shall be entitled to a copy of these bylaws, and the same shall be binding on him so long as he remains a member of this Lodge.