Article 6


Sec. 6.1. (Reg. 37.010). The Lodge shall discuss dues at the first stated meeting in June, set the amount for the upcoming year, and specify said amount in the Lodge Portal. The annual amount shall include all per capita assessments established by Grand Lodge each year for operations and support.

Sec. 6.2. (Reg. 37.070). Master Masons shall pay dues in advance on or before the first day of January of each year. Such dues not paid by said date are in arrears and assessed a ten percent (10%) late fee. In addition, delinquent members shall reimburse the Lodge for the cost of sending notices by either registered or certified mail or by using the USPS's proof of delivery service.

Sec. 6.3. (Reg. 37.070). After the first stated meeting in January, the Secretary shall give notice by mail within twenty-one days to all Brethren in arrears. Said notice shall inform them of the late fee assessed and state that they must pay or satisfactorily explain their delinquency to the Lodge in writing at or before the first stated meeting in February.

At the first stated meeting in February, the Worshipful Master shall appoint a Dues Committee consisting of the wardens and the Secretary. The committee shall investigate all delinquencies and ascertain the cause by contacting each delinquent Brother, whenever possible by personal contact, and report their findings at the first stated meeting in March.

At the first stated meeting in March, the Worshipful Master shall call for a report of the Dues Committee and take up the matter of remission in worthy instances. The Lodge may vote to remit upon the committee's recommendation or another motion properly made and seconded. The Worshipful Master shall next order that the committee file charges for non-payment of dues against all delinquent Brethren.

At the first stated meeting in April, the Worshipful Master shall call on the Secretary for a report including all delinquent Brethren. The Worshipful Master shall then conduct a trial for said Brethren according to (Reg. 37.080).

Sec. 6.4. New Master Masons shall pay prorated dues for the remainder of the year they join. Those affiliated, restored, or raised in a year different than initiated shall be responsible for the per capita assessments established by Grand Lodge. Those raised within the same year as initiated shall not. In addition, all shall pay a percentage of the Lodge's portion of the total annual dues amount as follows and rounded up to the next five-dollar increment.

· 75% if joining in January, February, or March

· 50% if joining in April, May, or June

· 25% if joining in July, August, or September

· 0% if joining in October, November, or December